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项目管理协会教育基金会(pmief)公布了2010年pmief-UMT年度全额奖学金和部分学费奖学金获得者的收件人在其2011年1月发行 今天的PMI (链接 //。

先生。拉瓦尔哈菲兹是奖学金工商管理硕士(MBA),工程管理硕士课程的接受者。部分学费奖学金授予以下六个收件人:先生。克里斯托弗·卡拉瑟斯,毫秒。杰西卡·贾尔斯先生。杰弗里·里士满,先生。德马库斯 - 里德毫秒。莫娜althagafi,和先生。指甲埃尔登。

“The need and desire for competence in the management of projects continues to grow with my continual involvement and association with challenging projects. These desires and needs were met when the Project Management Institute Educational Foundation (PMIEF) awarded me a scholarship for a master’s degree at the University of Management & Technology (UMT),” said Mr. Hafiz. “Over time, I have come to associate the University of Management & Technology as a citadel that creates the opportunity and platform for graduates to meet with professionals in the Engineering and Management fraternity, where they could interact with these professionals and gain from their wealth of experience.”

自2009年4月,城市轨道交通已承诺的大学奖学金的两百万美元,支持项目管理协会教育基金会(pmief)的。有关更多信息,请访问: //

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