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UMT's President, Dr. Yanping Chen, announced that UMT and the Project Management Institute (PMI) Information Technology and Telecommunications (IT & Telecom) Specific Interest Group (SIG), have established the first UMT-PMI component scholarship program – UMT-PMI IT & Telecom SIG Scholarship.

与PMI社区的成长,约300组件已经形成了多年。 PMI组件包括地方分会,特殊利益集团和院校。近年来,开始提供奖学金,其中协会会员获得资金采取项目管理培训课程从培训公司了一批PMI章节。作为一所大学和一个长期PMI全球注册教育机构(r.e.p.),UMT识别的重要性和持续的项目管理教育的PMI成员之间的需求。

To further promote education in project management, UMT and the IT & Telecom SIG cooperated to offer a scholarship program for IT & Telecom SIG members. UMT offers the scholarship recipients 60 PDUs worth of project management courses whose dollar value is $2,000 per recipient. Recipients can select courses that meet their professional development needs from UMT's training or academic offerings (please go to // 对于课程的列表)。

UMT-IT & Telecom SIG scholarship is offered twice a year to qualified IT & Telecom SIG members. 该 application for the first scholarship must be received by 5月30日 每年春季奖学金和 10月30日 for the Autumn scholarship. For more information on the conditions and requirements for winning a scholarship, contact Mr. Nagesh Lingegowda, PMP, Manager of UMT-IT & Telecom Scholarship Program at or view the IT&Telecom SIG website



The PMI IT & Telecom SIG is a component of the Project Management Institute dedicated to project managers in the Information Technology and Telecommunications fields. 该 SIG is committed to establishing mutually beneficial and ongoing relationships with industry, academia and professional organizations, leading and facilitating the development and exchange of relevant knowledge and tools, and fostering a community which enables mentoring, networking, career advancement and camaraderie.

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